Intuitive Field Trip - Blacktail Cave

Sunday, August 6th - 2016 

Photos from Blacktail Ranch.

The Blacktail ranch is rich in archaeological history. Situated just off the prehistoric Old North trail migration route, North of Helena near Wolf Creek. It has a Dream Cave, Medicine Wheel, Sun Wheel, numerous tipi rings, and, of course, the cave. Blacktail cave is an extensive natural cavern that has revealed numerous archaeological discoveries, including evidence of Ice Age man and animals. You can enjoy this rich landscape from within your own intuitive exploration.

We will go deeper into group intuitive awareness within this magical landscape. With the intention of being open to our own sensitivities and the intention of the group, we will explore with sensory awareness, intuition and trance.

We'll be meeting around 9:00 am and expect to be finished around 5:00 pm. This is also not an exact time, so allow for some flexibility if you can.

Bring along shoes for short hiking and all weather gear - this is Montana! And bring a lunch, snacks and water to take care of your personal needs. 

Patrick will also supply some advanced thoughts and exercises to get your intentions clear and moving before the Field Trip and the day of the event traveling to the site. 

Cost: $50 for the day.  Add to cart


So, what's this all about?...

These field trips are opportunities for cultivating intentional ways of traveling into and through landscapes with sensitivity and receptivity to the energies that present. In an open frame of mind, one might perceive energetic qualities, place specific memories or information, or even creative insight or personal healing. 

Patrick guides indivduals into an intuitive and receptive frame of mind through relaxation techniques, trance practices, and sensory awareness exercises. Then, when at a site, individuals are guided into recognizing their own perceptions and writing down or drawing their experiences individually, before sharing any information with other participants. 

Also, if you have a location you know, where you would like to experience this kind of intentional group experience, please let me know!


Following are a few thoughts to stimulate your curiosity about how we can access intuition in different landscapes.


“Cultivating the intuition means deliberately practicing methods of investigation that pay attention to the feelings and images that arise in the course of systematic encounters with natural processes, leading to an experience of wholes and their qualities. The whole may be an organism whose distinctive properties one seeks to understand so as to relate to it appropriately; it may be a consistent diagnosis that emerges from a set of symptoms, from whose qualities arises insight into appropriate treatment; it may be a landscape whose qualities are consistent with particular uses and not others; and so on. That practice requires both keen observation and the use of methods akin to meditation, emptying the mind of preconceptions so that the intuition can work freely with sensory experiences and organize them into meaningful wholes. It is necessary to allow the spell of the sensuous to work its magic on the imagination, leading to a deep understanding of the nature of that which is being encountered.”      -  David Abram 1996 - “The Spell of the Sensuous”




When we pass through a door, even a door in a house, we enter into a different space. There may be physical differences, perceptual, emotion mental, etc., maybe even simply energetic differences. We have great sensitivity to these differences, especially when we enter into a different space, we feel this shifting, notice the changes. It’s easier to sense these changes before we accommodate to them. We often sense a person’s energy in their home for instance when we first enter into their space. In the same we we will be working with our awareness and our sensitivity this weekend, entering into some spaces that may be different, perceivably so. The doorways with which we enter these spaces aren’t always concrete or physical, but may only be recognized by our response. 

So an exercise I’d like you to do is to pay attention to the doorways, the portals, you encounter the next few days. See if you can be aware of the differences you are entering into, and by contrast, also those you are leaving. Notice those changes, bring your awareness to these, notice, pay attention. We can do this with physical doors and it helps us recognize the felt changes that occur when we enter through non-physical doors.  This is more noticeable when you sense beforehand a place you are going, a friend’s house, a familiar place, a new territory, we have an expectancy in these places. Stop and feel then before entering these spaces, recognize what you are experiencing, sensitize yourself. Then with all your self, enter and enjoy where you are going, enjoy that shift. This can be a joyous awareness that we do with increased consciousness...

Traveling somewhere special? Then you can practice opening your awareness as you go!

 Give yourself some extra travel time so you can relax and enjoy the landscape. On your trip, you will perceive natural doorways in the landscape. As you notice these, I want you to stop a couple times along the way. Get out of your vehicle in a safe place, and let yourself settle into the land where you are. Take a few minutes. Notice what you are feeling, thinking, and perceiving. See if you can sense the energy of the group coming together even at these points. Take notes if you want. As each part of this experience mirrors your own inner process, these moments of checking in can make you more aware of the deeper undercurrents within you. Nurture this awareness. That way, when you get to the place you are headed to, you will already be in connection with the energies there. 


Also, pay attention to any interesting or unusual experiences you have as you think about traveling. Are there dream images lingering from your previous evening? Are there other unconscious influences flirting at the edges of your awareness? Did you meet an interesting person, animal, or even a place? Did something strange catch your attention? Pay attention to these things. Treat them as part of your process now, moving into this intentional space. And, of course, take notes!



Sunday, August 6, 2017 - 9:00am