Argentine Tango DVDs

Patrick Marsolek and Sundi West, teachers with TangoHelena in Helena, Montana, have produced a set of instructional DVDs for Argentine Tango.

These DVD sets contain classes which were filmed over three years at Helena Civic Television. Each set contains two DVDS each with six, twenty minute episodes. That's twelve episodes, or Four Hours with each DVD set.

Click on the links below to read more about which classes and materials are covered on each set and to see a sample video:

Volume 1 - Covering the fundamentals of posture, connection, walking, and the basic elements of the dance so you can go to a milonga and have fun. - $25
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Volume 2 - This volume includes more variations of ochos, ocho cortado, crosses, ganchos, rock steps and more. - $25
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Volume 3 - This volume includes examples of how to play with the connection in the dance, leading into off-axis steps, sacadas and circular movements. - $25
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Volume 4 - An emphasis on Close Embrace - $25
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Here's a sample video from the set: