Teaching Possibilities

Overarching themes and ideas in Patrick & Lori's classes:

  • Within the tango we have opportunities to learn about qualities of connection, how we express and receive communication - both expected and unexpected - and how we can expand our range of expression in response to different moods, people and music that we encounter.
  • Patrick & Lori invite you to two classes to explore and expand your vocabulary of connection and communication in the dance.  In each class we will deepen and enrich fundamental qualities of tango connection with your self, your partner, music and the community of the dance floor.
  • Within the three dimensional sphere of connection we will examine ways to sustain our dynamic ground with aliveness and full extension.
  • We will negotiate how close we dance together, and how expressive we can be in relationship to our partners and other couples.

Close embrace, circularity and musicality.

Within an alive, fluid connection we can explore the musical vocabulary of circular and spiral movements in the dance. Building on concrete fundamentals of posture and vocabulary we can experience subtle moments of flow, fluid connection, and an ever-present aliveness within the music.

  • Class One - Circular musicality - molinete and turns with presence and playfulness.
  • Class Two - Subtle off axis - moments of presence in the pause and pivot.