Compassionate Communication & Nonviolent Communication

What is Nonviolent Communication?
A brief introduction...

Patrick Marsolek offers trainings, instruction and personal practices in developing effective communication skills. These services are based in Patrick's personal experiences and trainings in; Nonviolent communication, Bohmian Dialogue, Mindfulness Meditation Training, Open Focus Practice, The Presence Process, Gestalt, Extended and Controlled Remote Viewing trainings and a 30 year personal practice in yoga and meditation.  

For businesses and organizations, these workshops, lectures and trainings are applicable from the corporate level, to universities and civic organizations, non-profit and community organizations, to private businesses and self-employed individuals. Patrick provides hands-on tools to learn effective communication strategies, conflict resolution and developing ease and respect through all levels of the workplace.

For individuals, Patrick's communication trainings, classes and retreats offer valuable tools for greater self-awareness, personal resiliency and self-understanding, as well as providing skills for interacting more effectively with families, the workplace, and with personal hopes and dreams.

"Patrick brought a new level of awareness to our company culture and communication skills.  Although only managers participated in his workshop, several employees commented that "whatever he did" was amazing and effective! Patrick is very easy to work with and the lessons we learned about communication have even trickled down to our kids!"  - Jenny Montgomery - Montgomery Distillery, Missoula, MT.

Healthy, effective communication is essential at home, work or when having fun. Having more clarity of the feelings, values and dreams that guide our lives brings greater ease, clarity and personal integrity to every part of our lives. You can learn how your inner values direct your actions, communications, emotional expressions and all forms of behavior. You can learn to recognize and value other people’s expression of their values and needs and live a more effective and connected life.

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Patrick also frequently partners with Aimee Ryan of Explore Core Connections.

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Patrick has conducted communication trainings for:

University of Montana School of Physical Therapy, University of Montana faculty, Forest Service Northern Region, The Red Willow Learning Center, the UM School of Lifelong learning, the Flathead Reservation Human Rights Coalition, St. Patrick's hospital, Camp Mak-A-Dream, Peak Health and Fitness Center, to name a few. See Patrick's Bio for a more complete listing.

Patrick conducted a Compassionate Communication workshop for the Dawson County Domestic Violence office. Patrick’s style was very laid-back, which I believe helped those attending to relax and really listen to the information Patrick was sharing. There were many exercises which contributed to better communications skills. Patrick was also open to questions at any time and we saw first-hand how compassionate communication can allow others to open up, which is paramount in our profession. We would recommend Patrick to anyone interested in this topic, and plan on inviting him back to conduct a self-care workshop!

L. Frank