NVC Ongoing - Practical Applications!

Four Thursday evenings - June 17th - July 8th. 
Cost: $50 (or donation)

6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

This class is an online video class for safety from the Corona virus.

Also, because of the financial repercussions, I am making this available at whatever rate you are comfortable paying!

Join us for more in depth practice of NVC skills applied to our lives, including work challenges, family conflicts and connecting across belief divides.
This class will be mostly "hands-on" practice in the group and in smaller pairs and triads applying and deepening our understanding of communicating the feelings and needs that are alive in us.

Role Play
Practicing with Hard-to-hear statements.
Re-empowering ourselves in challenging relationships.
NVC dance floor. (Working with a map of our moment-by-moment expression and connection in NVC.)
Deepening the practice of holding presence with ourselves and others

To register for this class, please use the donate button below.

You're welcome to choose an amount that you're comfortable with; that fits your means and also values Patrick's work. When you check out, just make a note that it's for the Ongoing communication class!  (Normally, I charge $50 for this class, but please do join for whatever amount you can afford.) 

E-mail Patrick if you have questions.










Thursday, June 17, 2021 - 6:00pm