Summer workshops...

Greetings friends!

I hope you're having a wonderful spring and you are enjoying all this beautiful weather that we've been having. I've found that things can get busy fast, and it's been so valuable to get out into our beautiful landscape, slow down, go for a walk, or do something to get connected to the earth and to nature. So, I hope you are finding time to do that for yourself!

Below are a couple workshops I have planned. One two week class on communication and a Saturday workshop on Intuition. Perhaps I'll see you at one of these. I'm also planning to set up a field trip or two this summer. I'll post those dates when I get them nailed down.

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested!

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Communication Class - Missoula

Two Monday evenings: June 19th & 26th - 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Class will be held at Patrick's office - 210 N. Higgins, Suite 207

$55 for one or $100 for two. - Register online.

Healthy, effective communication is essential at home, work or when having fun. Develop tools that will bring ease, clarity and personal integrity to every conversation.

Join us for a fun, playful exploration of essential communication skills. You can learn the importance of feelings and how they connect with your inner values and needs. You can learn how your inner values direct your actions, communications, emotional expressions and all forms of behavior. You can learn to recognize and value other people’s expression of their values and needs.

This class is based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg and the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Some of the basics we'll cover will be;

  • Connecting Needs to Feelings.
  • Learning how to make connective requests.
  • Learning how to receive information clearly without judgement.
  • Recognizing our own needs when we're judgemental.
  • Giving and receiving empathy.
  • How to respond when we hear a "NO".
  • How to express our needs so that they're more easily heard.



Develop Your Intuition - Introductory Workshop

Trust yourself more and live your life more effectively.

Saturday, July 15th - 10:00 am – 5:00 PM.
 Cost: $80 - Register online.
This class will offer a hands-on approach to accessing intuition more effectively in your life. You will learn practical techniques to focus your awareness and learn to discern between intuition and imagination. Techniques we will explore will include; calming and quieting the mind, setting an intention, opening the doors of perception, discerning between imagination and perception, expressing what you perceive, drawing, summarizing, and learning from feedback. Some of these tools are based on Remote Viewing protocols. You will experience many in-class exercises and have the opportunity to continue with take-home exercises and online tools.