Holiday events and Christmas specials.

Greetings folks,

Now we're officially into the holiday rush. I hope you're creating time and space for self-connection and connection to others as well. I feel it's especially important to take care of ourselves this time of year. 

I'm offering a short, two-week Monday night class on Holiday Stress Relief. This class will teach some self-hypnosis and mindfulness practices to help people take care of themselves through the holidays. And of course, the classes themselves are a kind of mini-retreat to get calm and centered. 

Also, I'm offering a Trance-drumming right around the Solstice. This is an intentional evening to do some self-connection and intention setting for yourself. This is facilitated drumming - meaning I'll be using my frame drum to provide regular, rhythms that facilitate a relaxation of the conscious mind for visioning and inner connection. We set this up in a space where people can sit or lie down and relax. I personally enjoy this as an intentional way to enter into winter and the new year.

Lastly, my book and a couple of my CD's are on sale for the seasion. Looking for a holiday gift? These can be great resources for friends and family. 

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Holiday Stress Relief - Missoula 

You Can Relax With Self-hypnosis and Mindfulness techiques • Two Mondays, December 11th & 18th - 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

$30 for both evenings. • Class will be held at 210 N. Higgins, Suite #207

In these two evening mini-retreats, you will learn some simple, effective relaxation, guided imagery and self-hypnosis tools to help you go through this holiday season more relaxed, calm and self-connected. You will learn simple, yet powerful tools to relax yourself when you're stressed or triggered, so you can feel safer and calmer. 

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Winter Solstice Trance Drumming - Missoula - Dec. 22nd 

Friday, December 22nd - 6:30 until 9:00 PM.  • Cost - $30

Join Patrick Marsolek for a focused, intentional evening of inner exploration to mark the change of seasons. Are you wanting a little clarity on the next season of your life? Through the rhythm of the drum we gain access to deeper parts of ourselves and of our collective group energy for insight, clarity of purpose, healing, and even personal transformation.

Individuals will be able to go deeper into their own experience of  trance and explore their own personal intentions. Within the container of a group trance, personal experiences can take on larger, more profound meanings that are relevant to more than one person or even to the whole group.

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Holiday Sales:


A Joyful Intuition - On sale for $12.99

Transform Yourself: a self-hypnosis manual (w/cd) - On Sale for $15.99


Quit Smoking Now - On sale for $10.00

Relaxation Techniques - On Sale for $10.00

All of Patrick's Audio CDs.